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Pet Care Services

Boarding Dogs: $48 Cats: $30
Overnight stay with play all day.
Executive Suite $60
Overnight boarding in our private suites.
20% off for each additional dog staying in the same suite. Does not apply to standard boarding.
Luxury Suite $70
Spacious individual suite with dedicated webcam.
20% off for each additional dog staying in the same suite. Does not apply to standard boarding.
Elite Suite $85
Fully furnished suite with webcam and streaming television service.
20% off for each additional dog staying in the same suite. Does not apply to standard boarding.
Daycare $35
One day of play, ending by 8pm.
Extended daycare available upon request.
 •  Daycare Executive Upgrade +$10
 •  Daycare Luxury Upgrade +$15
 •  Daycare Elite Upgrade +$20
Private Boarding and Daycare + $20 to
For non-social pets boarding and daycare
Playtime! Always Included
Monitored social play multiple times a day is always included in our covered outdoor play yards. This is our specialty!
Our Food or Yours Always Included
We're happy to feed your pet our premium kibble or their own at no additional charge.
Standard Meds & Checkovers Always Included
The safety and wellbeing of your pet is our top priority. We'll check them over head-to-tail at least twice day and administer oral or topical meds at your request. (Timed soaks and medicated baths may require additional fees to accommodate.)
Potty Breaks Always Included
We'll take your pup or dog out as often as they need to go and your kitty will always have a fresh litter box.
Comfort Always Included
Kitty toys, safe dog toys, blankets, bedding, and affection are all part of our service. We love your pets like our own!
Evaluation Day $35
One day of play and evaluation prior to boarding to get to know your dog. For first-time clients only.
Daily Brush $10/day
A daily brush to keep medium to long coats health
Furmination $15
Great for double coats, we'll use the furminator to do a thorough removal of undercoat while keeping the top coat intact
Short Coat Brush $15
Using a rubber-bristled brush we'll massage and defur your fine-caoted dog. Because short hair sheds too!
Blow Out $20
Say goodbye to dead undercoat! (Requires bath service)
Nail Trim $15
Includes dremmeling for a smooth scratch free
Nail Trim Desensitization $10/session
Does your pup hate nail trims? Let us help by making it a gentle fun process through this desensitization protocol
Anal Gland Expression $10
Booty-scooters rejoice! This is the relief you've been scootin' for!
Brush Teeth $10
Say goodbye to trash breath and hello to good dental hygeine!
Brush & Bath $20-50
Get that pooch fresh and clean. Price by weight. Choose Dark beauty, Bright White, Oatmeal, Hypoallergenic, or your own. Add $5 for medicated shampoo.
The Works + $15 to brush & bath
Bath, Brush, Nail trim, gland expression, & Tooth Burshing. Now that's one clean puppy!
Pool Time $25
The dogfish love splash time in our pool! Request a free trial!
Ball Time $25
The ball-obsessed will find this game quite fetching as we incorporate good manners, retrieving, and "drop it" into the challenge
Tug Time $25
Impulse control and confidence building are just a few of the benefits in this toy-friendly, energy burning game
Walk $25
Great for the marathon runners, this neighborhood walk will make sure your dog gets in their mileage.
Nosework $25
Empower your dog's inner hound with this low-impact yet challenging game of "Find it!" Great for reducing anxiety for all ages and breeds.
Trick Training & Puzzles $25
From puzzles and games, to more tricks and stunts, we'll select activities for your little Einstein to challenge and give them the sense of accomplishment they crave.
Cuddle Time $25
For that at-home feel, your snuggler will love getting a little extra one-on-one to decompress after a busy day
Birthday Parties! $30
Hey hey it's your pet's birthday or adoptaversary! At your request we'll celebrate with a special treat, party hat, photos, and all their best friends!
Ice Cream Treat Small $2, Large $4
Our homemade pumpkin yogurt frozen paw or bone. Perfect for a tummy soothing snack on a warm day.
Turkey Dinner $5
A feast of turkey. green beans, & pumpkin. Available Christmas and Thanksgiving.
Holiday Stocking $10
Your dog will love opening their stocking to find a special yummy treat or chew
Board & Train $1200
Our doggy boot camp. Two week, intensive training plus an at-home consultation program designed to resolve basic behavior issues and improve dog/owner relationships.
Private Consultation $120
One hour session at home with you and your dog to help you address training and behavior issues.
Puppy Consultation $75
"Puppyhood 101": private consultation designed to help you transition into puppy rearing and raise happy, successful dogs.
Training Refresher $40
For Board & Train graduates. 15-minute training session to solidify skills.
How Our Pricing Works:  
Check-out time for overnight stays is 12 Noon. If your pet stays longer, they will also be charged the daily Daycare rate.

Deposits and Cancellations

We don't charge any cancellation fees when plans change. However, we do require a refundable boarding deposit, but only during the busiest times of the year: Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, & Winter Break. Please be prepared to pay a 3-night deposit based on your room of choice. It is refundable if you cancel prior to 30 days of your reservation.